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Call Us Today
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Garage Door Products

A Plus Garage Doors LLC

A Plus Garage Doors LLC has been providing affordable residential and commercial garage door sales to the Birmingham, AL and Montgomery, AL community and surrounding areas since 2004 and most recently to the Tuscaloosa area. We are proud to be family owned and operated and our commitment to excellence has earned us the reputation as the best garage door sales and service in the area.

Our Garage Door Products Include:

  • Chain drive openers: Most frequently used openers and they are very reliable.  They are typically cheaper than belt drive openers but they cause more noise when operating the door.
  • Belt drive openers:  Very reliable openers but the big difference about these openers, they are almost silent when operating.
  • Battery back up openers:  Belt drive openers that continue to operate even when the power is out.
GARAGE DOOR SPRINGS: We suggest when replacing springs, you should do them in pairs because if one breaks, the other spring is not far behind.  
  • Extension springs:  They are normally good for 8,000 cycles (1 cycle=your door going up and down)
  • Torsion springs:  They are normally good for approximately 10,000 cycles per door
  • High cycle springs: They can get from approximately 30,000-over 100,000 cycles per door
Garage door parts include: (cables, springs, rollers, sensors)
Garage door accessories include: (handles, external hinges, keypads, remotes)
Garage door trim and bottom rubber: Helps keep air and bugs out of the garage
Garage door struts:  Helps make the garage door sturdier

  • References are available upon request and we’re insured for your protection